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White Paper Application

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The mission of the Research Park at FAU is to promote scientific research and development in affiliation with Florida Atlantic University, to foster economic development and broaden the economic base of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The Research Park at FAU seeks to accomplish this mission by facilitating research collaborations between innovative companies and the faculty and students at Florida Atlantic University that can enable the creation of new technologies and products. In the process, internship and employment opportunities are created for the students at Florida Atlantic University, as well as the residents of Palm Beach and Broward counties.

In this way, the Research Park at FAU can help advance technology-based economic development through innovation, R&D, and workforce development.  Therefore, companies seeking residency in the Research Park at FAU should demonstrate as many meaningful linkages with FAU as possible. 

Applicants should discuss this application with FARDA staff before submitting. 


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*These interactions may be, but are not limited to the following areas of:

1. Workforce Development

Annual undergraduate student internships (specific number, if possible)

Annual graduate student internships (specific number, if possible)

Co-hiring or co-sponsoring graduate students’ salaries and/or work

Corporate post-doctoral training programs

Co-hiring employees / employees working as adjunct faculty


2. Joint research activities (specify areas of interest)

SBIR subcontracts

STTR grants

Joint sponsored research via grant or contract work

Work for hire projects

Joint submission of academic manuscripts for publication

Membership in an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, such as the Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE)


3. Technology

Access to FAU core facilities, technology or unique research infrastructure which can be accessed on a collaborative or charge basis

Use of company equipment and facilities for student practicum or faculty research


Florida Statute 159.27(2) defines a research and development park as:

… a center of research and development activity related to the research and development activities of one or more affiliated institutions of higher education, including scientifically oriented production or educational programs of postsecondary educational institutions, consisting of research and development facilities; scientifically oriented production or assembly facilities; research institutes; prototype, scientific, and product testing laboratories; related business and government installations; or similar related facilities, together with land, including all necessary appurtenances, rights, and franchises directly relating thereto, with related buildings, facilities, and personal properties, but only to the extent that such facilities are engaged in research and development, are necessary to encourage or complement the purposes of a research and development park, or are in support of any facilities or improvements located or constructed at such a center or activities or operations conducted at such a center for purposes authorized by this subsection. For purposes of this subsection, the administering or taking of professional or occupational licensing examinations shall not constitute testing, nor shall any room, building, or facility in which such examinations are administered or taken constitute a testing laboratory.