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Research Park at FAU January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

A new year! Build your dreams. Expand into the future.

Global Ventures at FAU is an entrepreneurial support initiative for tech companies that have established themselves in their industry and are ready to scale up to the next level of growth.

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Xeriant Inc. major move northbound as JV to develop the Hybrid-Electric TriFan 600 VTOL Airplane moves forward

Xeriant established a joint venture with XTI Aircraft, a leading cleantech aircraft OEM, to further the development of their hybrid-electric TriFan 600 VTOL airplane, and are pleased to report that the preliminary aircraft design phase is ahead of schedule. XTI Aircraft anticipates at least 100 additional sale reservations, increasing their total number of preorders to over 300, representing…

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Why serial entrepreneur Elias Janetis is betting on early-stage tech founders in Palm Beach

In four years, this founder has grown his portfolio of angel investments by 10x. Is Palm Beach actually one of the most profitable places for early-stage tech in South Florida? You might not know it from #MiamiTech Twitter. But one founder-investor revealed to Refresh Miami that his portfolio of early-stage Palm Beach tech companies has experienced a tenfold increase in value over the last four…

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