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May 17, 2021 Updated Global Ventures Ongoing COVID-19 Related Guidelines

All Global Ventures at FAU companies and employees,

Please ensure that all employees know NOT to come to Global Ventures if they think they have, have or have been exposed to COVID-19.

Anybody who suspects they may have COVID-19 should be tested as soon as possible, and not enter the facility until they have a negative test result.

While many people have been, or are in the process of being vaccinated, we must all remain vigilant and respectful of each other’s health and concerns.

New data from the Florida Department of Health shows:
•Broward and Palm Beach COVID-19 test positivity rates have beenbelow 5% for more than 12 days
•Palm Beach County new cases number fewer than 300 per day so far in May
•Broward County new cases number fewer than 500 per day so far in May, and fewer than 350 per day since May 7th
•676,396 people in Broward County have been fully vaccinated,representing approximately 35% of the County's population.
•539,666 people in Palm Beach County have been fully vaccinated,representing approximately 36% of the County's population

Based, therefore on this data and the revised guidelines from the CDC, the following protocols will be observed within Global Ventures.

While governmental mask mandates have been lifted, it remains the responsibility
of each operator to provide for the welfare of its visitors and employees.

Global Ventures will no longer require the use of masks in communal areas for those
people who have been fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated people should continue to
wear a mask in communal areas.

All persons entering Global Ventures at FAU are required to read the healthcare
notice at the reception desk and at other points of entry upon entering the building
every day. Any person who answers Yes to any of the questions, should NOT
enter the facility and should work remotely or conduct the business he or she was
entering the facility for, remotely.

Teams & individuals
Any person who is sick or exhibiting any symptoms of any flu-like illness, must
stay home.

Please ask staff for the Questionnaire to send to expected visitors to avoid
disappointment upon arrival if they have to answer Yes to any of the questions.
Note the locations in Question 1 are periodically updated with data from the Johns
Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Meetings rooms may now revert to full capacity for fully vaccinated people.
Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap, including after every
use of the bathroom, before and after eating or handling external materials (like
packages). Handshaking is discouraged.

Each company must designate one individual to receive notifications when
packages arrive at the front of the facility. Name and cellphone number will be
displayed for courier to call when package arrives. Global Ventures at FAU staff
will not handle or sign for these packages.

Offices & workspaces
Wipe down high touch areas (door handles, keyboards, telephones, desks) with
EPA-approved disinfectant against COVID-19 at least twice a day, at the
beginning of the day and at lunchtime, for example

 Each company is responsible for providing its own wipes and cleaning supplies for this purpose.
Do not share telephones, keyboards or other equipment among employees and
guests. Employees should have workstations appropriately spaced to ensure social

Where possible, leave doors open to maximize air flow. Common Areas & Hallways
Each person should clean any communal area (sinks, dishes and counter tops)
after each use and wash her/his hands.

Compliance helps to ensure the health of all those who work in and visit Global
Ventures. If a person is asked to comply with one of these requirements by a
staff member of the Research Park at FAU and fails to do so, that person
will be asked to leave the facility.

For detailed information and to update your own re-opening plan, please see the
published OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 and the
CDC’s Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Workplaces

Governor DeSantis’ orders can be accessed here.
Palm Beach County orders can be accessed here.
City of Boca Raton orders can be accessed here.
Broward County orders can be accessed here.
Re-Open Florida Taskforce’s Plan for Florida’s Recovery here.

Questions relating to COVID-19 should be directed to the Florida Department of
Health at 1 (866) 779-6121 or at

Andrew Duffell, MBA, President