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Continuing vigilance


Dear Global Ventures community


I am grateful to you for your attentiveness to, and adherence to our COVID-19 precautionary protocols, and ask for your continued vigilance as we experience the spread of new, more transmissible variants in our community. South Florida, and Miami-Dade County in particular remains a hotspot for infection and we must continue to guard against any opportunities for the virus to spread, to the extent possible and reasonable. 

To that end, please inform all of your staff of the new protocols we have put in place. It is now required that you read and follow the lobby statement everyday upon entering to look for changes that may occur and communicating this to all of your team or visitors. If your team or visitors have visited any of the locations listed in the preceding 14 days they must not enter the facility. Further, all visitors and staff must wear a mask when entering the facility and when moving about common areas. Please remember that these precautions are for the safety of all of us, and if team members or visitors refuse to cooperate they must leave the facility. The full protocols and recommendations can be found here: please re-familiarize yourself with it and circulate it among your team as well. 

To help you work in this new environment, we have invested in new video conferencing technologies that have been installed in the big conference room. The room will available for booking using the same online booking system beginning Monday, Febrauary 8th. You are welcome to use the camera and sound system for online virtual meetings. Instructions and login/password will be provided. Please leave the set-up as it is currently and do not unplug or move any of the equipment. The chairs and tables in both conference rooms should be left in place as well, and space meeting participants appropriately to maintain social distances. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns please reach out to any of the team. 


Andrew Duffell, MBA
Research Park at Florida Atlantic University 
Office: +1 (561) 416-6092 Mobile: +1 (561) 324 0727 
Note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications regarding Research Park at FAU and FARDA business are public records and may therefore be subject to public disclosure.